It is not something that is often considered, but website translation could make you really stand out from your competitors.

1. Two thirds of people using the internet speak a native language that isn’t English. By not catering to the large majority of consumers online, you will lose global business before you have even considered tackling these international markets.

2. 40% of the world’s internet users are based in Asia, and China alone has 30% more internet users than the USA. Businesses who ignore this fact are missing out on the huge untapped potential that website translation can bring.

3. The internet is no longer confined by physical borders or international trading barriers. A long time ago, businesses that were looking to branch out globally would have to spend a lot of time and money and not be guaranteed any success – not anymore.

4. Website translation can be done at any time. It might not be the first thing a new business will consider, but localizing a website in the early development stages will save time in the long run. Equally, an established website can be easily translated.

5. Localizing a website does not have to be expensive. Most agencies will quote you for the number of languages you wish to translate your website into, and if you are a new business or start-up, you may get an initial free subscription whilst traffic to your site is low.

6. Translation for websites can be fun! Some companies, such as charities and not-for-profits, have managed to translate their websites using only the help and hard-work of their communities. If you know someone that can speak another language, it may be worth asking them first if money is tight.

7. A lot of websites use Google Translate to automatically translate web pages at the click of a button. This might sound handy, but it is the least accurate way of translating your website, and often important meaning can be lost. Why not pay a little bit more and do it properly?

8. Website translation does not only involve the translation of words. Cultural differences need to be taken into account, as different countries have different expectations when reading or viewing things online. Tone of voice is also hugely important.

9. In a time when it is so easy for everyone to create a website, including people and businesses from all walks of life, there isn’t much that makes your site stand out from the others. A localized website is a good sign that you are one step ahead of your competitors, and may be one of the only things that makes you different.

10. There aren’t many companies offering website translation services. In a crowded market, it’s impossible to decide which company is the right one for you. However, companies that are offering translation services are evolving slowly, and as such, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

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Image credit: Keith Williamson