We are here so that solicitors can dictate and celebrate this Christmas. Find out more about our cost-effective, time-saving outsourcing solution.

Lots of solicitors and law firms up and down the country will be staying open right up until Christmas Eve this year. Despite this, their firms will be stretched to the limit as staff such as secretaries are granted annual leave to spend time with families or take a much-needed break. This poses many problems for smaller firms and new start-ups, particularly as they will not possess the adequate cover to cope with demand over the holiday season. Not to mention that Christmas and New Year can be a surprisingly busy time for solicitors, especially those who practice personal injury or criminal law. Without in-house secretaries, most law firms feel like they have to ‘make do’ and are forced to endure rather than enjoy the twelve days of Christmas.

However, it’s not too late to do something about it. Here at Language Insight, we can take dictation completely off your hands on a short-term basis, easing a lot of the pressure on you and your partners. You can either dictate using the technology you have already, or we can provide you with a dictation machine that allows you to dictate digitally. If you have an iPhone or a Blackberry, there are even apps you can download that cost very little which allow you to dictate straight from your pocket. Once you have the audio files ready, you can upload them to our unique file management system which also secures and protects your files from corruption or manipulation. Our dedicated legal coordinator, Stacey, will guide you through things every step of the way, and you will receive email notifications to keep you updated with the progress of your file. We only use legal secretaries who have worked in the legal sector for a minimum of five years, and each one has signed a confidentiality agreement before they start work. Depending on the length, amount and complexity of the files, we can have them returned to you within the day.

We strongly urge all solicitors to consider outsourcing their dictation to us this Christmas, even if it’s only for the one or two weeks when your in-house secretaries are away. You can email [email protected] or call 01772 252333 ext. 213 at any time to discuss your options, and if you quote BLOG when you get in touch then we’ll even give you the first file for free!*

* The first file must not be longer than 15 minutes. If the file is longer then only the first 15 minutes will not be invoiced.