More and more people are being signed off work because of stress. Outsourcing dictation is the ideal stress-free solution.

Stress-related absences on the increase

A survey by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPD) has discovered that an increasing amount of employees are being signed off work with stress. 87% of the 219 payroll and HR professionals who were surveyed confirmed that employee absence caused by stress is rising in the workplace. 68% of respondents reported that in the last year, a total of 13 working weeks has been lost due to stress-related absences.

The main causes of stress-related absence were increased workload (71%), low morale (62%), financial problems (44%) and domestic issues (38%). Alarmingly, over two thirds (67%) felt that mental health concerns are not given enough attention by employers.

Claire Vane, Director at Integrated Resources Ltd, said: “Mental health illness is still not fully understood, which added to concerns about the Equality Act 2010 makes employers even more afraid to deal with the issue. Absence statistics are only the tip of the iceberg as everyone gets affected by absence due to stress in terms of workload: colleagues, managers and HR and payroll professionals. The complexity of mental health needs to be understood by employers.”

Outsourcing dictation as a stress-free solution

Transcription Global believe that outsourcing dictation can relieve pressure on small firms that are likely to suffer the most from stress-related absences. Outsourcing dictation removes additional costs and creates extra time for staff to complete other business tasks. Outsourcing dictation is therefore the ideal way to cover short-term employee absences which are caused by stress, but also reduce work-related stress in the first place by lowering costs, saving time and allowing staff to reach goals and ultimately boost morale. Telephone 01772 252333 or email to find out more.

Image from anna gutermuth