Law firms will gather for the first time next year to discuss changes to the legal market – is it time to reconsider outsourcing services?

The first Law Society’s Law Conference will take place in September 2012 and is being billed as the landmark annual event in the legal sector. The conference will give solicitors and those who work with them the opportunity to assess the new-look legal services market in the wake of changes to the Legal Services Act. Some of the things that will be discussed include new business models, business strategy and development, regulations and risk.

Law Society Law Conference is first of its kind

Law Society President John Wotton said: “With change comes the opportunity to develop new ideas, innovate and share experiences. This conference will take on board the changes we have seen under the Legal Services Act, including alternative business structures and outcomes focused regulation, not to mention changes to civil justice and other areas of law.

“By September next year we, as a sector, will have a better feel of the direction this new-look legal market is taking. Often, great ideas and valuable experiences go unnoticed and unshared. The aim of the conference is to pull together all of that information under one roof and discuss best practice for the way forward and ensure solicitors remain competitive.”

The new emphasis on outcomes focused regulation brought about by changes to the Legal Services Act means solicitors and law firms are being forced to refine and take stock of and their business models and long-term strategy. The Law Society’s Law Conference gives them an outlet to share their ideas and concerns about these and other changes to the Act.

Outsourcing saves time and money

With this in mind, Transcription Global believe it is a great time for solicitors and law firms to reconsider their approach to outsourcing services such as dictation and transcription. As regulation becomes more outcomes focused, outsourcing services such as these gives decision makers and fee-earners the time and the breathing space to streamline their business model. In addition, if solicitors and law firms are to remain competitive in an ever-changing legal services market, they need to save money wherever possible in order to pass this saving on to their clients and customers. Outsourcing dictation and transcription has no initial outlay and saves you money on all the physical and HR costs of employing legal secretaries in-house.

Image credit: The Next Web