Lancashire County Council is saving money by reducing office space. You can do the same by outsourcing services.

As part of a review of county council office accommodation, Lancashire County Council offices in East Lancashire will be closed to cut running costs and ensure frontline services remain unaffected. Council staff based in the East Lancashire office will relocate to The Globe Centre in Accrington. It is hoped the office moves will be completed by April 2012.

The council will still maintain four smaller office sites across East Lancashire for staff to use as a base when working in the area, however, these sites will not provide facilities directly for the public. The smaller offices will be situated at 2A Market Place in Colne, Chaddesley House in Burnley, Oakenhead in Rawtenstall and Pimlico Road in Clitheroe.

Saving money on office accommodation

County Councillor Geoff Driver, leader of the county council, said: “The council has to save £180m over the next three years – up to 2014. Changing some of the ways we work will help to make significant savings. This includes making better use of our buildings.

“The county council has been reviewing all of its office accommodation and we aim to bring employees together in fewer buildings and use the office space we have more efficiently.

“This will save us money through reducing running costs for these buildings, with further savings once we sell those that are no longer required. This will ultimately help us protect jobs and front-line services.”

Cost savings from outsourcing services

Businesses can replicate the county council’s costs saving drive by taking the same approach to their own office accommodation. Services such as dictation, transcription and translation can be undertaken just as efficiently from remote locations by equally experienced staff, and improved technology and security now means outsourcing services in this way is no longer a risk. By outsourcing services in this way, businesses can save on the physical costs of employing staff in the office, such as utilities, uniforms, equipment, and stationery. In addition, outsourcing services saves on additional costs such as holiday pay, sickness pay, National Insurance and pension contributions.

If you are interested in hearing how outsourcing services could offer your business the ideal solution for 2012, phone 01772 252333 or email [email protected] to find out more.

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