We are aware that outsourcing legal transcription is still something of a mystery in the legal sector, and don’t blame solicitors or barristers for not choosing to outsource these services to us as we also understand that it is not always easy to make an informed decision.

However, there are a number of myths and false claims that exist surrounding the outsourcing of legal transcription to companies such as ourselves, and we feel it is our duty to dispel some of these myths so that the solicitors or barristers who are really serious about saving money can see the bigger picture.

Myth Number 1: Outsourcing Legal Transcription Takes Away Jobs

What would you say if we told you that outsourcing legal transcription actually creates more jobs? Here at Transcription Global, we employ many freelance transcribers who were actively looking for work. These might be recent graduates, people who have been on long-term sickness or even single mothers who wish to bring in a little extra income to support the family household. The idea that we steal jobs from legal secretaries is simply not true. In fact, if your legal secretaries are truly indispensable, why not reallocate them as additional fee-earners? Or let us employ them from home and save you all the costs that an extra person in the office brings?

Myth Number 2: You Are Not Ready For the Transition to Digital

There is no transition. Of course, you might still be using tapes for legal dictation, but we can fully accommodate for audio transcription from tapes or discs. You are not alone in thinking that outsourcing legal transcription would mean a massive change in the way your dictation process works, but it’s actually very simple. We use dictation software that can be installed on the iPhone or Blackberry if this is convenient, or even send you out a dictation machine for a small one-off cost. This machine can then be used by anyone in the office who wishes to streamline their legal dictation. That’s it, no tricks, no gimmicks.

Myth Number 3: Outsourcing Legal Transcription Won’t Save Us Money

It will, and we can prove it. All of the solicitors and barristers that we work with have asked the same question, and we have always given the same answer. By outsourcing your legal transcription to us, you save on many additional costs. No more National Insurance contributions, no more pension contributions, no more holiday pay or sick pay and no more funding office inactivity. We can do the same job better and quicker here at our office, so you are actually increasing service level provision for a cheaper expense. This gives your business the space to employ additional fee-earners, thereby increasing your profit margin. It really is a no-brainer.

Myth Number 4: Keeping Legal Transcription In-House Is More Manageable

There are some things that simply can’t be outsourced, and unfortunately, we can’t make the cups of coffee for you. But legal transcription is one service that is much better outsourced. We know this because we don’t just live and breathe transcription, but we are also motivated by the same things you are – saving money and keeping a steady ship. You can upload your files at any time of day or night and our project co-ordinators work around the clock to allocate the files and have them returned to you as fast as possible. Our bespoke file management system is one of a kind, and your files have never been safer from corruption or manipulation. Less stress, more hands on deck.

Myth Number 5: We Don’t Have Enough Transcription to Outsource

Who said you had to provide tons of files for us to transcribe? We are one of the only legal transcription companies that operate on a truly Pay As You Go system, so you can outsource as much or as little as you like without having to worry about contracts. Some of our longest serving clients have gone months without uploading any files at all, but they always come back to us because they know we deliver a genuinely exceptional service. You might only employ one legal secretary who transcribes a manageable amount of work, but what happens when she is off sick? Outsourcing legal transcription is just as effective on a temporary basis, and we are more than happy to work with you on a short-term or ad-hoc basis as well.

We hope that this has helped to dispel the myths about outsourcing legal transcription and present a more truthful picture of how a legal transcription company such as Language Insight operates.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.