Transcription & Audio Translation

A tangible record of the spoken word

‘Um’, ‘er’, ‘mmm-hmmm’… no, these aren’t typing errors, they’re just some of the filler words that are probably littering your audio files. Whether you want to omit them (intelligent verbatim) or leave them in (strict verbatim) our multilingual transcription services will help remove any uncertainty surrounding the process.

A good ear for the right words

Working in any language combination you may require, our transcribers’ finely-tuned ears will produce an accurate account of even the most complex recording. Whether it’s a focus group, police interview or a simple business meeting, we’ll always work with transcribers with expertise and experience in your industry. Quality is our priority: that’s why we’ll run a thorough quality check – including checking for unintelligible words and phrases – in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation. And to guarantee confidentiality and security, audio and text files are sent and delivered via our Secure Client Portal.

The industry leader in transcription and audio translation services

We’re a passionate team: we combine language expertise, industry knowledge and project management experience to bring you a time and cost-effective multilingual transcription solution. Our goal is also to make your life easier. This is why we have developed our bespoke Secure Client Portal, a dedicated platform that allows you to monitor the status of your project, control spending and download your translated files.