Multilingual DTP

Our multilingual DTP services make sure your brochures, catalogues and other materials retain the feel and design of the original piece.


Our multilingual DTP service

Desktop publishing, also known as typesetting or DTP, is the process of laying out text into a well‑presented design file format. Used in all industries in some form or another, examples range from travel brochures to machine instruction manuals.

Designing a document to a client’s brief that matches the brand and style can take a long time to perfect. So what happens when the file needs to be translated? Do you go back to the drawing board and start again? Not with our multilingual DTP service!

After completing the translation, our multilingual DTP specialists feed the translations into the design file, adjust font sizes or tweak the layout to accommodate text length, make sure all characters display correctly and the document looks as good as the original.

Different languages, different rules

Other languages have different rules when it comes to publishing – there’s not a one‑size‑fits‑all approach to multilingual typesetting.

In Japanese, certain characters cannot be at the end or the start of a line whereas in Polish, one letter words must be kept together with the word that immediately follows, held together with a non‑breaking space.

Cultural relevance and appropriateness of images can have a huge impact on the success of your product. That’s why, as part of our typesetting process, we can suggest any alterations which will need to be made so you don’t offend your potential customers.


Quality is assured

The typeset files go through rigorous checks before they are returned to you so you know you can rely on your translated brochures, manuals and other materials.

  • After translation and proofreading, the files are typeset by our multilingual DTP teams, all of whom are linguists.
  • The files are reviewed by the DTP teams, passed to the in‑house QA teams and reviewed by a native linguist.
  • Edits and changes are made to the file as needed.
  • This process is repeated until no further amendments are required.
  • A ready‑to‑print PDF is returned to you, set up according to your printers’ specifications.

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