Public Sector

Connecting communities with your services

Many countries are now home to an incredible blend of ethnicities and cultures that have contributed to that particular country’s richness and diversity. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that the local authorities communicate effectively with the people they protect and support. This is where our public sector interpreting and translation services will enable that true communication across diverse communities bringing them together.

We only employ highly qualified linguists who have industry knowledge of the sectors you’re working in. And of equal importance, our translators will help you build a genuine connection with the communities you engage with and create a more inclusive feel within your services.

Our approach

We are experienced in translating for the NHS, police, schools, councils, social housing and many other local authorities.

Whether it’s parent evenings, tribunals, workshops and health assessments, our linguists are familiar with local authorities’ processes and protocol. And our interpreters are experienced and confident at handling delicate situations sensitively.

Guaranteed data security

From witness statements, victim support letters, court summons or public information materials, we understand that the majority of work in this sector is highly sensitive in nature. Your confidentiality and data are extremely important to us, and you can be certain that your documents will always be protected through our Secure Client Portal.

Some of our end clients include