We are aware there are masses of emails and updates being put out by companies worldwide about the coping strategies deployed for the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Before we share our strategies with you, first and foremost we wish every client and member of staff (both internal and freelance) the very best possible outcome in the scenario that is unfolding around the globe.

The landscape beyond COVID-19 will be very different from the one going into it, it will not be business as usual. Businesses must adapt to a new way of working. Such partnerships are not a one size fits all and will require strong adaptive communication skills and bespoke processes to be put in place to support each other’s workflow processes.

So what is Language Insight doing? For those of you who know Language Insight, we were conceived in 2009 during the previous financial recession. Our business model has always been one that prioritises our client relationships and is built on flexibility and support, with the provision of bespoke solutions and positive, honest communication.

As of today, we will be moving the majority of our staff to a remote-working model, especially for the next few weeks so that our staff are not at risk of becoming ill and so that we can to prevent the virus from spreading to others, especially the vulnerable people in our society. We will continue to follow the guidance of the Government both in the UK and US, and the World Health Organisation to ensure our teams are safe.

Having a secure, remote-based working model already established has allowed our teams to continue with our usual operations, but what makes Language Insight stand out is our flexibility, that we will now showcase. Whether that is in regards to flexibility with working hours or with turnaround times, what matters is that we provide you with the high-quality services that you usually expect from Language Insight, despite COVID-19 and its implications for all businesses. We recognise that this is a time where everyone needs to pull together, and we are ready to offer flexibility to all of our clients and help in any way that we can.

The health and safety of our teams is hugely important to us and we will be providing everyone with as much support as they need during this time. If you have any questions about anything we have mentioned, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]


The Language Insight Team