Website Translation & Localisation

Borders need not be barriers

It makes perfect business sense to tailor your website with your service or product, to the market you wish to target. In today’s increasingly online world, translating your website is your first key step if your audience speaks a different language. Website localisation is the next step. To strike a chord with your target market, your communication not only needs to bridge that language barrier, but should also meet your audience’s cultural expectations.

Keep your global message local

Localising your website does not mean diluting your brand identity. Au contraire. An experienced website localisation team will take into account cultural context, layout, design, symbolism (did you know that the thumbs-up in the Middle East is rather rude?), colours, geography, currency, national holidays (no such thing as Boxing Day in France!) and more. There will often be an element of transcreation involved, to either adapt slogans and taglines that wouldn’t otherwise work if they were translated. Put simply, the purpose of the localisation is to make your website look like it was developed locally, enabling genuine engagement and trust.

We are committed to quality, and this is why we’ll always work in partnership with in-country localisation linguists to ensure your website connects with the local audience. And to ensure that your website gets picked up by Google on the way, you may want to consider multilingual SEO services too.

Industry-trusted website translation & localisation services

As a full-service translation agency, we pride ourselves on the quality we deliver. From our friendly project managers, in-house quality assurance team, ISO 9001 accreditation to our dedicated Client Portal, everything is designed to ensure that your journey with us is a breeze. Clients from many industries have trusted us over the years: healthcare, legal, advertising, public sector… Check out our latest case studies to learn more!

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