Creative translation services

Ensure your message transcends borders

When you take your message to a global audience, the simplest word can convey a completely different meaning in translation. HSBC found out the hard way after its global ad campaign ‘Assume Nothing’ was interpreted as ‘Do Nothing’ in a number of countries.

In a similar fashion, Pepsi raised incredulous eyebrows across the world when its ad campaign ‘Come Alive!’ was interpreted as ‘bring back your ancestors!’ in China. These mistakes cost companies their reputation and have serious financial implications, but they could have been easily avoided with professional creative translation and transcreation services. When done correctly, these messages manage to cross linguistic and cultural borders effortlessly. Honda managed that very well with its strapline ‘The Power of Dreams’.

Linguists who understand your audience

To truly connect with your target market, on a rational or even emotional level in some cases, you will need a lot more guidance than just an accurate translation of copy. Taking an advertising campaign to an overseas audience requires localised knowledge, creative flair and an exceptional command of the target language.

This is where our creative translation services step in. Our linguists are here to steer the creative process in the right direction, ensuring the essence of your message remains intact while adapting it to the target audience’s cultural norms. Straplines, promotional articles or advertising material: whatever the type of copy you need to adapt, you can count on us.

Industry-trusted experts

As a full-service translation partner, we pride ourselves on the quality we deliver. From our friendly project managers, in-house quality assurance team, ISO 9001 accreditation to our dedicated Client Portal, everything is designed to ensure that your journey with us is a breeze. You have access to linguists who are experts in their chosen fields and hold accreditation from internationally recognised organisations. And because we know that good translation skills alone are not enough, we’ll always assign a sector-specific translator and proofreader to your project.

Clients from many industries have trusted us over the years: healthcare, legal, advertising, public sector… Check out our latest case studies to learn more!

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