Multimedia Translation
Translating what we see & hear

Translating visual & audio communication

Badly dubbed foreign films may be a relic of the 80s, but the explosion of multimedia communications across continents makes creating a clear and succinct message more vital than ever. Good quality subtitling is an essential skill that’s overlooked all too often, but it makes all the difference to how your audience connects with your work. A literal translation can leave a poignant moment completely lost, as a Chinese audience found out when ‘Ground Zero’ was translated as ‘Point Zero’ in zombie apocalypse film World War Z.

Conveying the right message to multiple audiences

Audiovisual translation services come in many forms, and whether you need subtitling for an e-learning video or voice-over for a promotional film, our multimedia translation team will work with you to ensure your message never falls flat. Working only with experienced and in-country linguists, our expert project management team will guarantee a smooth process from start to finish.

Industry-trusted experts

As a full-service translation partner, we pride ourselves on the quality we deliver. We’re a passionate team: we combine language expertise, industry knowledge and our project management experience to bring you a time and cost-effective translation solution. Clients from many industries have trusted us over the years: healthcare, legal, advertising, public sector… Check out our latest case studies to learn more!

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