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When style and substance are equally important, ensuring that your translated texts look the part in your target market is crucial. English is a very compact language, where very specific ideas can be conveyed in a few words. Try to convey the same meaning in French, and you may well end up with a sentence twice the size of the original. Add to the mix languages like Hebrew or Arabic that read from right to left, and what appeared to be at first a straight-forward cut and paste job is suddenly becoming a lot more complex.

Multilingual DTP services for your peace of mind

Multilingual DTP is a stage that many of our clients like us to take care of, because of the risk of non-native speakers of the target language introducing errors into the text during the process. From correcting text layouts, resolving display issues, appropriating or adding imagery, we’ll take care of any floating diacritics or problematic word swells. And thanks to our meticulous quality assurance processes, we can guarantee a result that looks just like the original, sticks to your brand guidelines and adheres to the cultural expectations of the target market.

Industry-trusted multilingual desktop publishing services

We are an ISO 9001-certified organisation. This accreditation demonstrates a standard, which we hope is never lost in translation. We’ll only work with linguists who are experts in their chosen fields and hold accreditation from internationally recognised organisations. From medical and healthcare, legal, marketing and advertising, to the public sector and retail, we work in many different sectors and are committed to a customer-focused approach in all our work.