Gaming & Software development

Communicating across all platforms

Since the early ‘80s, localising games has been a feature of the industry, when Japan translated Puck Man to Pac Man to avoid offending US culture. But with the rapid pace of gaming and software development across the world, it’s become even more essential to ensure these packages are effectively translated to a wider audience.

Direct access to our linguists

From user interface to legal disclaimers, graphics, images and icons, our team of gaming and software translators are on hand to give guidance on how the internationalisation process will affect your product. We realise you need more than a literal translation in this industry to be successful, so you’re given access to linguists who will test localised material at every stage of the development. They will also ensure your brand retains the authenticity it needs to transcend cultures.

Break through to new markets

Whether you have developed cutting-edge software technology, a new action-shooter game, or an app to launch your business on mobile devices, our translation and localisation services will help you break through to new markets.

Data confidentiality is very important to us: this is why we have designed our Secure Client Portal, a dedicated platform that allows you to monitor the status of your project, control spending and download your translated files, all the while protecting your documents.

Some of our end clients include