Quantitative Market Research Translation

How we can help

Quantitative market research studies are specifically designed to gather information from sets of data, often in the form of questionnaires and online surveys, in order to help to identify trends, information and opinions from your target audiences – for instance, in a medical setting, this could be doctors and their patients.

Quantitative studies use numerical data, like demographics, to provide you with answers or definite trends. They are extremely useful – expect them to gather numbers and sound evidence for your market research project.

During the survey creation process, a ‘screener’ is made – a short series of questions that will identify suitable respondents, followed by a questionnaire, a more in-depth document comprising of the questions that you will publish in your online survey.

Word, XML and Open Ends Translation

We offer translation in three major formats: Word, XML and Open Ends translation. How we approach the translation depends on the complexity of your survey and your individual needs. Once your questionnaire has been translated, it will be overwritten or overlaid into the required programming code so that your survey or study can be launched online.

Online links belong primarily to quantitative market research surveys; they allow respondents to complete a survey or study without needing the use of a moderator.

We double check the links, with both native speakers of the chosen language and by our in-house team. We also create a ‘log’ of all events, so that you can oversee your project during its creation, so you have full input and control where you need it.

There are a range of survey platforms that our clients use, from ConfirmIt to Decipher. Our translations team are specialists in the overlay and link checking process, so you can rest assured that your study is being looked after from every aspect, whether it be translation of your market research data into and from the native language, or the technical aspect of creating and delivering a robust quantitative market research survey.