Our legal translation & transcription services have got your language needs covered

Attention to detail

Whether you are in need of legal translation, transcription or interpreting services for your firm, we have every service you could possibly require here at Language Insight.

Our team of specialist linguists has a solid understanding of legal and judicial terminology and years of certified expertise in the field. We make it our mission to remain closely tuned in to the intricacies of the legal systems in the markets our clients might be targeting.

Why our clients choose Language Insight

We have built a strong reputation over a number of years working with law firms, barristers and solicitors. We are a trusted business partner committed to delivering secure, high-quality translation and interpreting work.

All of our linguists have a sound understanding of legal terminology, but also continue to develop their skills and knowledge so that they are regularly up to date with new laws and regulatory obligations.

As a company, we understand the pressures the legal system is under, and we work to tight turnarounds without compromising on attention to detail, ensuring the high overall quality of our service.

The services we offer

We have experience in all areas of law and we cover a wide range of services in the legal sector, which include:

  • Transcription (correspondence, IUCs, PoCs, SoLs etc.)
  • Translation (contracts, certificates, deeds, court documents)
  • Interpreting (court, private client, corporate)

Some of our end clients include

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