Morar Consulting

Language Insight have worked with Morar Consulting since 2014, translating a range of B2C and B2B surveys into multiple languages.

We are tasked with providing survey translation and proofreading in an Excel export with HTML code compatible with our client’s platform, were it ad hoc or tracker studies, targeted to markets as diverse as Europe, Scandinavia, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Thanks to our pool of specialised translators and our elite Quality Assurance team, we cover topics from banking to education, through business, travel, luxury brands, automotive or health and fitness.


  • – Multiple time zones
  • – Varying specialist fields (from Wealth Management to Automotive)
  • – Large scale multi-country projects
  • – Consistency with previous project waves
  • – Translating within HTML code

“Morar Consulting have used Language Insight on a large range of projects, including some challenging languages. They are always very responsive, deliver when promised and provide us with high quality translations.

They are always willing to be flexible and accommodate last minute requests. For us, it’s important to have a translation partner who ticks all these boxes as well as being very price competitive. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


– Our responsive Projects team communicate with the client ahead of time on which markets are to be prioritised based on the local time zone.
– Coordinators allocate translations based on each specialist subject area, ensuring our translations are suitable for each specific respondent type.
– Language Insight are used to working on 8+ markets at any one time. Clients can trust and benefit from our experience and pro-active approach.
– Translators and proofreaders follow the client’s preferred style and terminology based on the previous translations provided.
– Extensive code filtering within our translation system, as well as our QA team’s expertise, eliminates the risk of damaging code integrity.


  • – Client can send scripts to us in order of urgency based on time zones, meaning we can deliver some earlier and they can launch these markets without delays.
  • – Increased engagement and reduced dropout rates
  • – Each project runs smoothly and is a stress-free experience, allowing clients to focus on other areas within the project
  • – Consistent translation that flows from wave to wave, avoiding skewing data caused by inconsistent question wording
  • – Eradicated issues with questionnaire version control and edit tracking
  • – No back and forth on programming issues caused by code integrity