Security & Confidentiality

What makes us unique in our sector

Our security makes us unique within our sector

Security and confidentiality sits right at the core of Language Insight’s infrastructure and is one of the key features that set us apart from other language service providers. We have developed a set of bespoke systems designed to work together to guarantee the complete safety of our clients’ data.

Data sent to Language Insight is transferred through a dedicated fibre leased line. This is the same system as used by the financial services sector, allowing a private dedicated bandwidth flow of information. This leased line is not shared with any other user and secure data transfer is guaranteed at all times.

When they register with us, Language Insight’s customers can access our online portal via an encrypted web server using https:// protocols. This provides high grade encryption of up to 256 bits. Users of Language Insight’s Secure Client Portal can see encryption levels by checking the web address or URL at the top of the page. In most browsers this will be displayed on a green background – a feature that you may recognise from online banking.

Bespoke secure software

Language Insight has developed bespoke security software that guarantees the safety of all the work uploaded to their Secure Client Portal. Files are streamed to their professional translators over a secure web server to prevent their removal and any loss of data. This secure streaming technology is completely bespoke and has taken several years to develop.

Language Insight’s commitment to the safety of their clients’ files has earned them the ISO 27001 standard for information security management systems.