Our linguists – our greatest asset

Our staff

The people who work for us are our greatest asset. Our translators are rigorously selected for experience, qualifications and commitment to quality. Our project managers have been selected on their ability to work closely with our clients, act as mentors where needed and share expert advice on our wide range of translation services.

Our commitment to localisation lead us to select our linguists among freelancers based in their home country. This means they’re continually up to date with terminology and vocabulary, so that your completed translation matches the cultural and linguistic norms of your target audience.

The recruitment process at Language Insight ensures that only the best translators and interpreters join our team. Applicants must have excellent language qualifications and more than five years’ experience in translation or interpreting, along with at least two references and a working knowledge of one of the industries that we cater for. All applicants are required to undertake a rigorous translation test.

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Translators, interpreters & project coordinators, our linguists are professional, efficient & here to help you

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Before officially joining the team, all Language Insight translators and interpreters study an induction training module. This is to ensure they can use our Secure Client Portal and that their work consistently meets our high quality standards.

A generous probationary period of close supervision and feedback ensures that every linguist who joins the Language Insight team produces the very best translations. Only once this period is complete are translators allowed to take on live work, which is continuously monitored to ensure that our quality standards are consistently met.